December 2018

Specialist Cliff Hageman


SPC Cliff Hageman joined the army just a few months after his high school graduation in 1988, serving until 1992. His Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) was an 88M or a Motor Transport Operator. SPC Hageman was assigned to a Service Battery Infantry Unit in Schweinfurt, Germany, where he drove a HEMMT (Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck) and hauled tank round ammunition. When he had just less than a year left of his 3-year enlistment, he was transferred to Stuttgart, Germany with a unit that was going to Operation Desert Shield, which quickly turned into Desert Storm. SPC Hageman drove a 5,000-gallon fuel tanker and continued supporting his tank units as one of the 10 trucks responsible for filling 50,000-gallon fuel bladders.

After his military service, SPC Hageman moved to Maryland with his wife and two children. He coached his children’s basketball and baseball teams and loved his role as ‘Coach Cliff’. SPC Hageman also had a passion for golf and was preparing to play at Pebble Beach when he was in a motorcycle accident that ultimately resulted in the loss of his leg. On September 9th, 2014, a motorist who was texting and driving hit SPC Hageman while he was getting ready to leave a gas station. He spent 2 months in the hospital and had 23 surgeries before he was able to go home. However, SPC Hageman’s battle had only just begun. 60 days later he underwent another 5 surgeries due to an infection, followed by a re-amputation a year later that was caused by a bone spur.

SPC Hageman chose to not be a victim and instead wanted to live his life to the fullest. He first received his prosthetic leg in April 2015 and hit his first tee-shot in May. He has even competed in the Annual Amputee Golf Championship. In addition to continuing his almost 20-year career in the real estate industry, SPC Hageman started STAND, a non-profit dedicated to educating about the dangers of texting and driving to make the roads a safer place.
SPC Hageman was nominated by his friend and business referral partner, Addy Jolly.

“With respect and gratitude, I nominate Cliff for the NFM Salute, for his service in the military and now as he continues to serve by spreading awareness on the dangers of texting and driving through his non-profit organization. Thank you, Cliff!”


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