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May is Military Appreciation month. NFM is always looking for ways to give back to our Nation’s Heroes to show our appreciation for their sacrifice and bravery. We do so regularly by sending monthly care packages to soldiers stationed overseas. We’ve received more correspondence from the troops stationed around the world who have gotten these packages, as well as more from those who received our 2017 ‘Support Our Troops’ Drive packages.

“Received your remarkable care package today! We appreciate your support greatly and hope you are having a great April.  All the items were distributed throughout our hospital staff. Thank you so much for all the hard work it took to create them! We are excited to be halfway through the deployment. Only 2 1/2 months left until we are back in Washington with our families and friends! Let the countdown begin to snow, mountains, ocean, and trees.”

“Hello from Afghanistan- I received your boxes that you sent in reference to the “anysoldier”. I wanted to personally type this email to give thanks from my team and I. Would of loved to write a letter, but we currently do not have the ability for outgoing mail. We are very grateful for your contribution, time and effort.”

John Phillips Letter - Correspondence from Troops

John Phillips Picture - Correspondence from Troops

GilbertCard - Correspondence from Troops

Ramskugler_Letter - Correspondence from Troops

RyanHerrick_Letter- Correspondence from Troops RyanHerrick_Picture - Correspondence from Troops

Take time this month to thank a soldier or Veteran for their service. Buy a cup of coffee, write letters to send to soldiers overseas, shake a hand, or even nominate a soldier/Veteran to be an NFM Salute.  Whatever you do, remember that no gesture is too small.

Celebrating Two Years of the NFM Salute NFM's Support Our Troops Drive 2018

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