NFM SALUTE – February 2018

Kenneth Hutcherson

After high school graduation in Halifax, Virginia, Hutcherson moved to Baltimore, Maryland in June 1941 and worked for Glen L. Martin Company. After 15 months, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps. He attended basic training at Keesler Field, Mississippi; radio school in Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and gunnery school in Las Vegas, Nevada. During this time, flight crews were being assembled in Moses Lake, Washington, with specialists coming from all parts of the country. All were trained as a flight crew, utilizing the skills required to man the thirteen 50-caliber machine guns and all other responsibilities.

After his training was complete, he was assigned to the 95th Bomb Group, 335th Squadron in Horham, England. During 1943-1944, Hutcherson flew 22 bombing missions as a radio operator/gunner, as well as 4 missions in the bombardier position. After the completion of those 26 missions, Hutcherson returned to Langley Air Force Base in Virginia in August 1944. While at Langley Field, he flew five nights a week to train radar operators with their equipment in the ball turret. Victory in Europe (VE Day) occurred in May during this time.

Hutcherson was discharged in October 1945. He was later called back from the Air Force Reserves in September 1950, but he was never activated and was discharged in May 1953. Hutcherson received several decorations, including the Air Medal (3 clusters), Distinguished Flying Cross, and 3 Presidential Unit Citations. He also received the Chevalier Legion of Honor from France.

After his discharge, Hutcherson worked for International Monetary Fund as chief of graphics until he retired at 65. Hutcherson was married for 67 years and has two children, a son, and a daughter. Today, Hutcherson resides in Towson, Maryland and continues to work once a week. He is the only surviving crew member of the 95th Bomb Group.

Hutcherson was nominated by his friend, Brooke Massicot.

“I met Ken while he was working at the post office in my building. At 94 years young, he is a phenomenal writer and story teller and has a great sense of humor. It is an honor to know Ken.”

Hutcherson chose Platoon 22 to receive the donation made by NFM Salute on his behalf.